Title Image: Eye Society - By Richard Hartnell for RNIB
In the next 15 minutes, someone in the UK will be told: ‘You are losing your sight.’ This news will change their life. We’re the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and we’re here for everyone affected by sight loss. We produced the “Eye Society” mechanical automaton to highlight our eye health campaigning messages to decision makers at 2014 party conferences.

Almost two million people are currently living with sight loss in the UK and this figure is predicted to double to four million by 2050. Even though sight loss has a huge impact to individuals, their families and society – over 50 per cent could be avoided through early detection, diagnosis and treatment.

Across England sight loss advisers or Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs) help patients and their families to understand their diagnosis, provide quality information and support, and can refer on to relevant services. Unfortunately, complex funding arrangements mean that many of these essential services are at risk.

Our new report highlights the huge impact sight loss has on people’s lives

Our new report ‘Being there when it matters‘ sets out the huge impact that losing sight can have. The stories of Ian, Jennifer, Julie, Hayley, Keith, Lynette and Peter set out the emotional and practical impact that sight loss has had upon their lives. It is imperative that someone is there to provide information, advice and emotional support and to refer onto other services at this difficult time. You can download the full report to share with others here:

Watch the videos

Key messages

This video showcases our “Eye Society” Automaton and highlights the campaign messages that it was designed to promote.

Transcript including text descriptions (Word, 193 KB)

Detailed description

In this video Richard Hartnell the designer of “Eye Society” provides detailed audio descriptions of each sequence that it presents.

Transcript (Word, 184 KB)

What needs to change?

Model headless chickens dressed as surgeons flap around in an abstract operating theatre scene with tubes, beds, cogs and lights.

Hardworking health professionals are being asked to do more with less. Ophthalmology departments are at breaking point and patients’ sight is at risk. Over half of all sight loss in the UK could be avoided.

A 6 inch tall model of a sight loss advisor stands waiting to support patients in a scale model of an eye clinic office.

Sight loss advisers support people at the point of diagnosis. Ten of thousands of people who need this emotional and practical support are missing out. Help us bring sight loss advisers to every eye department.

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If you get cataracts, your treatment will depend on where in England you live. This postcode lottery is unfair and leaves people experiencing unnecessary isolation, fear and depression.

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Capacity problems in eye clinics are leaving people waiting longer for appointments, delaying their diagnosis and treatment, leading to unnecessary sight loss.
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Sight loss costs society £22 billion per year. Can we afford to ignore the 50 percent that could be avoided through better detection, correction and treatment?

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